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Christ's Church of the Valley, Main Auditorium, Third Thursday of the month, 6:30 - 9:00 PM


The theme for our 2014/2015 year is “Wonder Mom”. At times, each of us has felt like we need super human strength to balance all that we have going on in our lives. We have to use our super powers like Insomnia (who needs sleep anyway! There are things to do!), the Never-Ending List Maker, Behind-My-Back Vision, and Toddler Arbitration (seriously, we should each be nominated for a Noble Peace Prize!). We have also had to deal with our personal forms of kryptonite like exhaustion (all super power runs out at some point!), self doubt and loneliness. But most importantly, each of us has been individually gifted in ways that far exceed these kinds of labels. We were crafted with wonderful intention and then also given children, friends and family that need what we have. Come explore with us all that makes you the Wonder Woman you are and how to handle the things that try to hold you back!


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The purpose of MomsConnect is to connect mothers of children, birth to eight years old, to each other and to Jesus. We seek to do this through fun, intentional and relative opportunities to learn about ourselves and our families, to develop meaningful friendships, and to explore a personal relationship with Jesus.

Each meeting begins with good food and conversation, we engage with speakers and topics that interest us and encourage all of us to be better moms, and end with time to have meaningful discussions. We also provide opportunities to create fun and practical crafts and to impact our community through service.

 2014-2015 Calendar

September 25th "She is stronger than a tantruming toddler, faster than a chocolate covered kid": welcome to Wonder Mom
October 16th "When epic forces collide": understanding your child's personality and how to parent for/around it
November 13th "Wonder Moms Super Squad" - good girlfriends are your best defense
December 18th "Celebrating the real hero": Christmas Supper Super!
January 15th "Does this cape make my hips look big?": Health and body image
February 19th "All Wonder Moms need a sidekick": Prioritizing your parenting partner
March 19th "Wonder Moms can't do it all, and shouldn't have to try" - Balancing our many roles
April 16th "Wonder Mom: Kitchen Mastermind" - Meal planning like a boss and cooking demo
May 21st "Super hero training, family style" - Raising good kids in a not-always-good world
June 18th "BAM! Wonder Moms' Summer Survival Kit" - All the game/craft/activity ideas and supplies you need to keep your little heroes happy


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