Senior Pastor, Brian Jones, is unable to meet with people for pastoral counseling. Instead, he directs all pastoral counseling requests to the trained and gifted pastors on staff. If you have a struggle that you’d like to discuss, please send an email to

Situations beyond the expertise of the pastoral staff, are referred to three Christian counselors who see clients in the church offices. Appointment times, dates, and fees can be discussed with each.

Pat Brown, LSW, CIP provides individual and couples counseling for men and women 18 and older. Contact Pat to schedule an appointment at 610.812.1266,, or

Chelle Carlson, LPC, AACC, offers individual and couples counseling to women and men and teens 14 years and older. Contact Chelle to schedule an appointment at 610.909.1569,, or

Ben Cerniglia, LPC, NCC, CPRP accepts men, women, and children 12 and older. Contact Ben to schedule an appointment at, 610.557.1294, or