What Is The NextGen Campaign?

The NextGen Campaign is a three-year initiative to reach the “next generation” for Christ.

As a church, we will not rest until we:

  • give our kids the facility they need to grow in their faith
  • reach 500 new kids in this area
  • reach 300 new kids through our next campus
  • reach 400 new kids by starting seven new churches through our international mission partners
  • double our international child sponsorships from 350 to 700

How will campaign funds be invested?

  1. Children’s Ministry Investments (Building improvements, administrative support, other staff, etc.)
  2. Student Ministry Investments (Equipment, administrative support, etc.)
  3. Reaching Kids Regionally (Campus investments, next campus, etc.)
  4. Reaching Kids Internationally (Child sponsorships; church planting in: India, El Salvador, Panama; Joska, Kenya middle school support, etc.)
  5. Strengthening the Financial Base (Ongoing facility expenses, staff and other support expenses, etc.)

How can I get involved?

You can make your commitment to the NextGen campaign at anytime by filling out an online NextGen Campaign commitment form here.

What if I have questions about the NextGen Campaign?

Contact Kevin Stone, CCV’s Executive Pastor at kevin@moviechurch.com or (610) 792-0777 extension 208.