Senior Pastor

Brian Jones is CCV’s Senior Pastor. He says he has the greatest job in the world because each weekend he gets to teach amazing people just like you how to experience genuine happiness in life. When you visit one of our services he’d love to say hello.

We’d love to give you a free copy of Brian’s eBook The #1 Secret of Genuinely Happy People. You can get that HERE. Also, make sure you check out Brian’s popular website and follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Brian is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and the author Finding FavorSecond Guessing God, and Forgiveness. Brian and his wife Lisa have been married for 29 years and they have three amazing daughters. One of the things that bring them genuine happiness in life is promoting partnerships in developing countries that rescue children from poverty and exploitation.

If you have a question or a need, please contact one of our staff members below…

New Visitors

Terri Stone, New Visitor Coordinator
610.792.0777 ext. 207


Melissa Flora, Birth-5th Grade
610.792.0777 ext. 201

Alex Brown, Birth-5 Years
610.792.0777 ext. 226

Jenelle Nearhood, Kindergarten-5th Grade
610.792.0777 ext. 225


Pete Waller, High School
610.792.0777 ext. 210

Taylor Tafelsky, Middle School
610.792.0777 ext. 228

Seth Brown, Student Worship
610.792.0777 ext. 216

Heather Hungate, Administration
610.792.0777 ext. 227

Adult Involvement

Terri Stone, Groups
610.792.0777 ext. 207

(Counseling, Hospital Visits, Weddings, Funerals)

Matt Silver, Care
610.792.0777 ext. 215

Sunday Services

Frank Chiapperino, Planning
610.792.0777 ext. 206

Eric Sumpter, Worship
610.792.0777 ext. 224

Mike Huss, Production
610.792.0777 ext. 204

Brett McFarland, Production
610.792.0777 ext. 217

Administration and Finances

Kevin Stone, Executive Pastor
610.792.0777 ext. 208
Kevin’s Website – Executive Pastor Online

Stephanie Carter, Operations
610.792.0777 ext. 223

Robin Wunder, Bookkeeper
610.792.0777 ext. 203

Providence Christian Preschool

Shannon DiCandilo, Director
610.792.0777 ext. 205

Heather Banmiller, Administration
610.792.0777 ext. 214